My Awards 

I've moved my memberships to their own page. 

I don't apply for awards so when I get them its that much  more special.  So I would like to send a special thanks to these wonderful people who enjoyed what they found when they came to visit. 


Please visit these wonderful people and their creative sites by clicking on the awards.


May 28, 2002
Thank you for helping to continue the fight 
to bring them all home! Mare

Thank You Mare


May 28, 2002
I would personally like to present you with my Animal Awareness Award! This prestigious award is bestowed to those websites that dedicate themselves to providing information/education on, services for, and/or assistance with the care and welfare of animals. By doing so, these websites help improve the quality of animal existence and our interaction with animals; creating a better world for us all.
All my best, Dennis Glennon

 Thank You Dennis

December 3, 2001
Thank You Melissa



December 3, 2001
Thank You Melissa



June 23, 2001
Thank You Lynnda



April 2001
Thank You Angela



SGM Causes Star of
the Month for April





January 21, 2000
Thank you Coyote_jo


January 21, 2000
Thank you Coyote_jo

January 21, 2000
Thank you Coyote_jo





Thank You Cindy.. it was fun!!


Thank You Tigress


Due to the fact that I found your Cyber Home to be fantastic and was honored with the LOTH Award for January. I decided it would be nice to present you with my Personal Award!

Thank You Tigress



LOTH Award for January 2001



December 19, 2000
Thank You Diva Patchesangel



December 15, 2000

 After visiting your Holiday Page(s) I truly feel you deserve the "LOTH Golden Holiday 2000 Award"

I so enjoyed my visit. The work you have done comes right from the "Heart". This shows all over your page(s).  I do hope that you will enjoy the Award. Have a Happy Holiday Season!



December 15, 2000

I just returned from a visit to your wonderful web site, and am particularly impressed with it's content, and your web offerings.  You have done a marvelous job creating these eye appealing pages,  I grateful for the opportunity to view these pages and am hereby awarding you my Holiday Web Site Award.

Please accept it as a token of my appreciation for a job well done.

Thank You Bud






From one LOTH Sister to another! 
"Your Cyber-Home is just fantastic"....

Thank You Tigress



Presented: 4/10/00 
I'm very Honored by this award!
Thanks Jim



Award from

November 5, 1998

Thank you very much!



October 23, 1998

Thanks Sandy




August 1998

Congratulations on winning 
Aferg's Award of Excellence.


Award from Shari

June 1998

Shari's Little HideAway

. sugawd1.jpg

June 1998

Thank you Jerri


June 17,1997

You have been awarded the 
Maddog Great Site award.



June 10,1097

I would be honored if you would accept my 
Hearts and Souls Across the Miles Award



April 11, 1997

Loved your site....great job



Pamella's Award

May 4, 1977

You have won my strawberry award for spirit and beauty for great thoughts and feelings toward your fellow LOTH sisters.



April 26, 1997

After reviewing your site, I find it is indeed Well worth a look! You've done a great job with it.


Golden Horizon Award

April 25, 1997

The Strawberry Patch is truly a wonderful site , both in content and esthetic . Your choice of background and color coordination is a thing of beauty . It is an honour for me to award "The Strawberry Patch" the Golden Horizon Award . It is well deserved , thank you for your contribution to the World Wide Web .


The Beauty Award

April 25,1997

Beauty and Spirit come from the have both, my friend I would be honored to see the "Beauty Award" on your page!

Spirit Award of Excellence

April 25,1997

AND because of your environmental content,
you more than qualify for the "Spirit Award" too! I hope you will accept both of these awards!

April 1997

What a wonderful thing you are doing with your life and what a shining example you are of the word 'spirit'.

Gunny's Award

April 1997

Please accept this small token of my gratitude for a beautiful contribution to our Cause.



April 1997

The POW/MIA Forum is proud to award you with our REMEMBRANCE AWARD.

Daughters of the Wolf

April 1997

I give a web design award to sites that I think are elegantly done. I would be delighted if you would accept the "Daughters of the Wolf Elegance Award. 

Guardian Angel Award
April 1997



April 1997

I am very proud to present the "Orchid Award for Page Excellence" award to you in recognition of your hard work in the creation of such an excellent page.



Catty's Castle Award

April 1997

It is with great pleasure that I bestow upon you the Catty's Castle Creative Excellence award -
your site represents what I consider to be among the very finest qualities the web has to offer.

March 1997

You have been chosen to receive the "Dragon's Touch Of Class"


March 1997


December, 1997









Thanks Shari


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