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Please Read Conditions of Use before using.

I have decided to put the similar sets on their own pages to aid in a speedy page load.  

Graphics are much nicer to view than just a text link . 

I hope this makes it a bit easier for you to find something you like. 

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Sorry for the inconvience but this page is being moved from my old server and until the move is complete
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so you can resume here, in case one of the background sets  you like is still on my other server.


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A linkback, though not required, would be appreciated
There is a matching link graphic with most of the sets, or you could use the one below if you like.

If you want to use this graphic please download it to your server and use the code below.


Code With Image:
<a href="">

Code Without Image:
<a href="">Strawberry's Homegrown Graphics</a>


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