Welcome to Berry's Haunted House 
October 31, 2002

"Inside" somewhere hidden, there is a trap door... 
If you can find it, there will be a surprise waiting for you


 Lean on the Tombstone to enter....
Come in if you dare!!!

Here is a gift to take home with you 
just for stopping by.... 

Please link it to:

There is still the surprise inside!!!

I had to remove my comet cursors because they crashed my computer and were causing problems for my visitors.  They will be missed  because they lent much to the feeling of these pages... to find out why go to this link


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Many of my Halloween Graphics were found on these sites
You can find very good Halloween graphics here!

Found the trap door!

Fairy Sweet Song
Lady In Black

The Roxbury

Castle Scribe


Tundra Rose Kids


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