Looks like a good Place to hang out for a while...

Here you can find free Halloween music and links to places that have great  Halloween cards  

and don't forget to keep looking for that hidden trap door...

I'm not playing music on this page so you can play your own..

First the music.... help yourself... as far as I know it is all public domain
(if not, just please let me know)

beetlejuice.mid jsbwv543.mid roth.mid
devil.mid litl-fug.mid OuterLimits.mid
munsters.mid tales.mid monsters.mid
tocatafugue.mid spooks.mid MonsterMash.mid
TwilightZone.mid phantasm.mid jacklight.mid
Inn.mid haunted.mid HalloweenTheme.mid
halloween.mid ghostbusters.mid exorcist.mid
cavern.mid Candyman.mid bjs_pre3.mid



Now here are some great places to send holiday cards this Halloween

(These links take you off site, but they open a different windows so you can keep searching here if you are still looking for the trap door)


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