This Site Index was made because my site has grown so large I felt I needed to find a way to make navigation more easy for my visitors. 

(I am also working as fast as I can to reduce the size of this page to by making smaller index pages of sections.. hopefully that will be soon.. the first ones in progress are Berry's Spiritual Side, Holiday, and Tutorials Pages.. all of these are index of pages.. whew.. lol)

Having page descriptions here helps you decide whether you want to view a page or not. Or help you to find an area you are specifically looking for. It saves you from having to look through pages you may not be interested in.

On this page I will be putting a 'date' if there is a new page or an update somewhere on a page.

This may be the best page to bookmark if you like this site and want to keep up with  what's new.

Ok enough talk.. here are the pages.. the 'fun' stuff.. (smile)

Personal Pages

About Me
A little short and sweet life story... and a picture 
(although I will admit it's a few years old lol... )

Norman's Memorial 
NEW 11-04-01
A memorial to my son. A place to visit him and his life... and a place to remember what a wonderful man he was.

Berrys Bookstore

My Barnes and Noble affiliate bookstore.
Please stop in for a little while you're here.  Many great deals on lots of things and also your support would be greatly appreciated!

Do you have a special occasion coming up?
You don't know what to get that special person?  
Why fight the crowds? Look no further!

Books, Music, DVDs, Video, and Prints & Posters
... and.. 
FREE SHIPPING! on two or more items.


Berrys Spiritual Side
NEW 5-19-02

This section is to share, with those of you who care to visit it, some of the things that have touched me and I hope will touch you too.  Please take the time to look over what you find here because the answer to a problem may just be here somewhere. 

The pages in Berry's Spiritual Side are not on the main navigation bar at all.  They are only linked to Berry's Spiritual Side page.  It is an index of all of those pages aside from my main site. It may sound confusing but you will see when you go there :o)

My Awards Page

Here are Awards that I have received from those who stopped by and liked what they found. :o) These are all especially precious to me because I don't apply for them.  Click on the awards to visit their sites too.. 

Webrings Page
This is not really personal but I put this link up here at the top for all those of you who come to visit through a webring. This will make it easier to find your way back to the ring page without having to scroll down this page again. I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back again soon!!

On this page I have listed all webrings. Those  that do not have their own pages and also links to webrings that are on their own pages.  (I hope they are all listed.. if not please drop me an email so I can be sure to put them there too.. thanks)

Web Help Pages

Berrys World Virus Tracking Center
A very handy tool to check for viruses worldwide. Very easy to use. Keep up on the latest information to keep your computer safe!

Military and Patriotic Pages

911 Memorial Page
A small  Memorial for Victims of September 11, 2001 
Please take the time to let the song by Lee Greenwood, God Bless America, load. It is worth the wait. It is the touching version that brings the feelings of us all about that  horrible event on that day. 

A page dedicated to the United States Military. 
If you like parades, you'll like this page... :o)

My Adopted MIA-POW

The Soldier
NEW 11/27/01
This is a story bout a disabled soldier that I got in an email and it touched me at the time and now it is even more touching with our soldiers off to war again. It is worth the time to read and think about. 

What is a Vet?
NEW 11/11/01 
"...It is the soldier, Who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protester to burn the flag.
" This page tells much more about what a Vet is.. 

Ragged Old Flag
My salute to our American flag. Long may it wave! 
Hear Johnny Cash sing his Ragged Olde Flag.

Fallen Police Officers
Honoring Police Officers who have died in the line of duty.  They are there for us, protecting us and putting their lives on the line everyday.  

U.S. Government Links
Links to government agencies and ways to contact your government officials.

Graphic Pages

Tutorials for PSP7
I have just begun writing tutorials for Paint Shop Pro 7. 
My tutorials are written for the beginning user but fun for the advanced user too. On this page you will find the index of the ones I have done so far with a picture of them and a sort little message with each one.
 Updated 3/04/02

Stained Glass Animal Adoptions
Stained Glass Animals I have created for you to adopt and take home with you.  You can put these on your website or give them as gift. Each come with a certificate of adoption.

Christmas Tear Drops
This is a new page where I have learned to make Tear Drop globes and have put them up
for adoption. I hope you like them. These are Christmas ones and I'm sure my globes will grow because this is very addicting!! 

Christmas Globes
These are animated globes
for adoption. Not as many but still fun to do. Hope you find something you like here.. 
NEW 11/25/01

More Tear Drop Graphics for Adoption

Each have Adoption Certificate to use for linkback.

Berry's Calling Cards

Calling Cards for you to use in Guestbooks or for gifts

Homegrown Graphics
Free Border Background Sets that I have created for your personal home pages.  Many are out of the ordinary and are worth looking through if you are interested if something different. Not your normal angels, and textures.

Graphic Links
A growing list of interesting places to find graphics on the internet

Holiday Pages

Holiday Pages Index
This is a page with an index of "ALL" my holiday pages and my holiday awards. You will find more holiday pages listed on this page than are listed below. Many of my holiday pages are not celebrated around the world but may be local or military holidays. These may also be listed in other areas. 

The Real Meaning of Christmas  (New)

Ever wake up by the tree and wonder what its all about? Here is the answer.. lol.. Santa shows up and answers your questions.. 

4th of July
Happy Birthday America!! Learn about the Declaration of Independence and hear and see my celebration of the love of my country!

Berry's Christmas Party
Peek to see the fun! Santa is kicking up his heels with his friends before the big night gets here! There is something under the tree waiting for you in here!!

Easter In Pictures
NEW 04-11-01
The real Easter Portrayed in art. 
Words are not needed as the pictures tells the story.  

Berry's Valentine Day
Some interesting facts about the history and customs of Valentines Day

St. Patrick Day
History of Saint Patrick's life and other interesting information about the St. Patrick Day celebrations and myths. 

Berry's New Year
Happy New Year to all my visitors! Thank you for stopping by and here are my wishes for your coming year. Also a gift for you to take home with you.

Memorial Day
A somber Memorial Day page. Not a celebration like the one on my Military page

Halloween Surprise!!
Here you will find some spooky sights and sounds. Don't miss the ballroom and the dining hall! Oh my! What else might be lurking in that dark dank place??? Find the hidden door and win a prize!

Berry's Thanksgiving
The Plymouth Thanksgiving Story - A different look at The First Thanksgiving. Let us remember that if it were not for The help of Squanto and some other Indians there may have not have been a Colony as we know it. Read another version of the Thanksgiving story.

Thanksgiving 2001
A reminder of what Thanksgiving really means. A call back to prayer for the Nation as George Washington did in October 3, 1789, 212 years ago, when he, with the encouragement of  both houses of Congress, declared a National Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer. 

Earth Day
A pictorial view of what will happen if we don't do something now to protect our environment.  This page lists ways we can help. Please read and see what you can do.

Animal Welfare Pages

Easter for the Animals
Created 04-11-01
Prevent cruelty to Easter animals. Find out what happens to the cute little animals people adopt for easter.

Endangered Species  
Created 04/04/97 Updated 04/15/01
Only a few of the many endangered things we need to know about. Please click the race to save the Rain Forest!

Adopt A Shelter Pet
Created 05/05/01
June is "Adopt a Shelter Pet "Month! But Shelters need our support all year long! This page tells you what you can do to help your local shelter and the reasons why you should opt to adopt at your local shelter.

Pet Toy Safety - A True Story
This page tells the terrible story of what can happen just playing with your pet when the toys no longer fit the animal.  If you don't read many of my pages, please read this one.  Find out how you can make playtime safe for your pet.

Black History Pages

African American Women In History
This page is dedicated to the courageous women of African American descent who made a difference, through their actions and beliefs, for all who came after them. There are 5 women profiled now and the list will grow.

Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.
  On this page you can read and hear part of his "I have a dream" speech. Although he spoke for the Black people his dream of peace was for all people as you can see by the last paragraph in his speech. "

And when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and hamlet, from every state and city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children - black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Catholics and Protestants - will be able to join hands and to sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last, free at last; thank God Almighty, we are free at last."

My Causes 

Many of my causes are for the animals, but those 
are in the "Animal Welfare Section".

XP Grass Roots

This page was created to help spread the word about children who are suffering from XP = Xeroderma Pigmentosum.  A disease killing young children because of an allergy to the sun's rays. It kills children because they don't live to be adults.     Please take a banner!
Please look at this page and if you are a supporter, see if you have an outdated link. If so please let me know so I can fix it. I have moved since making this page. Thanks

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence - End It In 2001... Information about domestic violence, how to recognize it, how do fight against it, and ways to get out of it! Lot's of helpful links also.

Missing Children and More

An information page about missing children and links to pages with other useful ways to keep your children safe.

Memberships and Dedication Pages

My Memberships
A listing and links to the many wonderful groups I belong to on the internet.

Ladies of the Heart (LOTH)

My very first online group - joined in 1997. When I was at one of my lowest points and everything around me seemed to be falling apart I found LOTH. Such a beautiful group of women who care for each other and do whatever they can to support each other.

Divine Diva's of the Web

Member since Dec 2000. This is a great group with a huge heart of very caring ladies that are very supportive of each other in times of high and low spots in each others lives. We spend a lot of time laughing and crying together.  They have been there for me especially through some of my recent very low times.. 
Thank you Diva's

CWWE Dedication Page
A wonderful group of older women who have come together to celebrate our "Coming of Age," and to acknowledge the wisdom we have gained throughout the years. We are... "Crone ~ Wise Woman ~ Elder"
NEW 12/08/01

123PSP - REALLY 'the place to be!" 
A warm friendly group of graphic artist that share. This group was formed for sharing, learning and maybe make a few new friends with the same interest in PSP. No pressure and lots of support in this group! I'm so happy I found them.. :o)

COS Dedication Page
Circle of Style Dedication Page. My membership dedication and gifts page
NEW 04-11-00

Circle of Style
Circle of Style is a membership webring organization for anyone who offers free or linkware graphics of any kind on their site no matter what the skill level.

Treasures of the Web
A group of individuals who refuse to be anything but "the best" in all that they set out to do. An "all-purpose" group where you can make friends, network with them, share your knowledge, and at the same time, learn from others.  Their Mission is to make the web a place to learn and grow through friendships and sharing of knowledge, and to strive daily to make the web a safe environment for our children.



Dear Abigail
A funny Poem about strawberries

Friends Without Faces
A Poem about computer friends.

Death of an Innocent
A poem about the dangers of Drunk Driving

Dear Teddy
A poem about child abuse.

A fun page!

Indian Saying
A good saying to live by!

To My Friends
A poem to be shared with your friends

For Kids

Berry's  Tot's Sing-A-long

Sing-a-long  Nursery Rhymes  with music and words for the younger tots. A good place for parents and children to spend some time together. 
Got Crescendo?

Berry's Nursery Rhymes

A small but growing collection of nursery rhymes. Nice for parents and tots together.


Misc. Pages

The Pond
A fun page with dancing critters.. make sure you crescendo is working.. the music makes the page.. :o)

The Barn
Berry's bluegrass and country midi's music for your listening pleasure.  Dedicated to my son Norman and his love of music!

Berry's Peaceful Garden
Gardening Hints, Poetry,Books from, gardening books,recipes, flowers, vegetables, cooking hints,poetry, helpful hints to the home gardener,Sauteed Summer Vegetables,Vegetable Soup, midi's

Pugs for Diane
I created this page for my daughter-in-law Diane on her birthday because she loves Pugs.  It give lots of history and information on Pugs.

Mother Goose
This is a page I made for my very good friend from Canada.

Berry's Nursery
Some of the 'adopted' cyber Dragons and other critters I found while surfing. I have recently found some new babies. Visit my Nursery and see them. Don't miss the family of Senochs while you're there.. 

Dummie Books
This is my Little For Dummie Book Room! I love For Dummie Books so of course I just had to find all the For Dummie Books I could. Not all there yet but growing daily!

Gifts from many who have passed this way... thank you all! Look at the beauty and visit their sites. There are many more, but in moving and the lose of a guestbook, some have been lost. I deeply apologize to those that are not here. I miss them and appreciate them all. 

Berry's Art Tour
Monet's Red Kerchief: Portrait of Camille Monet

Berry's Prozac Moment
Just a little java fun page

The Men's Room
Things of interest to men - family rated.. :o) 
If you have something you would like to see added to this page just let me know.. 

The Ladies Room

Things of interest to women of all ages.... This page will be growing and will include things for working women and stay at home women too very soon.. 

"Strawberry" In Hieroglyphic

Just something Interesting I found while surfing :o)


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