Berry's Ice Cream Cone Tutorial


This is a very easy tutorial with just a few steps. I tried to make one for the beginner. I hope it will show you some tools and yet still be easy to follow. :o) If you have any problems just email me.  
Remember this is your ice cream cone.. 
Make it your favorite flavor.. (*S*)

You will need psp7 when you can get here
you will need my selections which you can get here

(you can put them into your selections dir or make a dir for them to keep them seperate)

(1) Open new image 300x400 transparent 16.7 colors
add new layer name it CONE
Selections/load from disk/ sb-icecream-cone.sel

fill with black
selections/modify-contract 2
fill with #996633
(you see you can make it sugar cone or wafer cone - your choice)
effects/textures effexts/weave

selections/select all
effects/3d effects/cutout

repeat cutout changing v&h to 6 (plus 6)



(2) add new layer name it SCOOP1
open selections/load from disk/sb-icecream-scoop1.sel
fill with color of your choice 
( I used #F76363 for strawberry)
effects/3d effects/inner bevel/sher-quilt

NOTE: If you do not have sher_quilt inner bevel you put in these settings and save as: sher_quilt . Then you will always have it if you need it for something else

Here is where you click to do that.


(3) add new layer name it SCOOP2
open selections/load from disk/sb-icecream-scoop2.sel
fill with color of your choice
( I used #FDE499 for French Vanilla)
effects/3d effects/inner bevel/sher-quilt


(4) add new layer name it CHERRY
open selections/load from disk/sb-icecream-cherry.sel
flood fill with color red
effects/3d effects/inner bevel/round
repeat this again..



(5) add new layer name it STEM
open selections/load from disk/sb-icecream-stem.sel
fill with dark green or brown (your choice)
effects/ed effects/inner bevel/round


There you’re done!
Merge all visible to tube it, or put a background on the bottom layer then merge visible.


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No portion of this tutorial, its files or images may be copied and posted elsewhere, sent through group lists, Emails, or AOL. You may use a text link only! This is my own creation, any similarities to any other tutorial on the Internet are unintentional.  Thank you. 
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Created 01/10/02