Circle of Style is a membership organization for anyone who offers free or linkware graphics of any kind on their site no matter what the skill level. These can be in the form of websets, calling cards, adoptions that you have personally made, or anything that is offered to those who are not able to create their own work as of yet.

We want our members to have the freedom to express themselves and be willing to share with others so that everyone can learn from one another. Graphics is an art form and everyone wants to learn and grow.

Whether you are a new artist or a skilled one we invite you to join this group. Our site include private pages for members only. On these pages we will offer a forum for questions and answers as well as tutorial links in areas requested by our members.

Do not join Circle of Style if you are not willing to share with others or to be a teacher so that all may improve the craft we all love. In this group we are all equal with the same goal: to showcase our work and to gain experience through knowledge.

In this group copyright laws will also be adhered to. There will be no stealing of anyone's work. Credit will be given where credit is due or you will be immediately dropped from this group.

Your site MUST be safe for all ages. No pornography, hate or warez sites allowed in this group. Circle of Style is open to all ages.




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