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Proud Member since 1997

When I was at one of my lowest points and everything around me seemed to be falling apart I found LOTH. Such a beautiful group of women who care for each other and do whatever they can to support each other. The little bell that rings when I check my mail is a cheerful sound because I know it is a 'tidbit' from the ladies. I am not alone. I am so lucky to be accepted as a member and want to share some of the gifts that were given from the heart to each member of LOTH.





Thank You Tigress





I just wanted to thank all of you for being YOU!
Lady Heather

Ladies...Please accept my gift to all of you!!


May 2, 1997
To my sisters of the Ladies of the Heart: In the spirit of giving that seems to be showering us all like a warm rain....I'd like to make A similar offering to my sisters of LOTH.



May 2,1997
As some of you know, the Lady's Spirit Award of Honor is one of the most sought after awards of the Lady. It represents spirit in so many ways whether it be love, honor or spiritual convictions. A site with *spirit* is truly a site to behold and generally the people behind it show it in their day to day lives. With this in mind I have created a special Spirit Award just for the Ladies of the Heart.
The Lady, DianaDru


Given to all the Ladies of the Heart - April 1997
Please accept this small token as my way of saying "thanks"
for all the love and spirit you spread across the web.


May 1,1997
I invite each Lady to accept this gift with my thanks. I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful group!
Lynda Bustilloz


May 1,1997
I have recently put up my own Ladies of the Heart Page on my site to display all of the wonderful gifts that have been presented to all of us as members and I would be very happy to present all of you with my own award, "The Have A Heart Award".
Becky J.



May 1997
a special gift for the ladies



May 5,1997
This "gift" is for all the members of "Ladies of the Heart". Please take it and add it to your page. We are a wonderful group of caring and loving woman. You all deserve this award!


First, just for being a wonderful woman and belonging to the Ladies Of The Heart,
Please take this award for your Web Site/Page....

This is for each member who is a Mother, Plans on being a Mother,
Has a Mother, and anyone who celebrates Mother's Day....Anne


Ladies, as a token of my appreciation and more importantly because you all are so loving and giving.. I would like to give all of you an award.. I know it is a very little thing, in comparison to all that you give, but it is with my heart that I give it..
abide in the light of love and truth.. peace..


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