Norman Lee Tiller Jr
Family Man

The one thing above all that everyone noticed about Norman was his love of family.  He was a wonderful husband and father.  He loved to do things as a family... He also had a great love for photography. Because of this, so much of what they did was recorded.  I had a hard time choosing pictures to go here because there were so many to choose from. Here are some of my favorites of  Norman doing what he did best.. "giving love"

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justmarried.jpg (32844 bytes)   

newrings.jpg (30582 bytes)   

Diane and Norman 
Just Married

Norman and Diane 
New Rings

BAHAMAS002.jpg (58325 bytes)

Diane and Norman in the Bahama's


Dorisred.jpg (30169 bytes)

Doris (Da-Da) and Norman
Normans "Very Special" Aunt


dad-son2.jpg (49942 bytes)      

dad-son.jpg (46220 bytes)     

Norman Sr. and Norman Jr
In younger days.. 
(handsome guys ..huh?)

Norman Sr. and Norman Jr
(still handsome guys) ~(';')~
with granddaughter Samantha..


family96.jpg (32517 bytes)

Diane, Matthew, Jennifer, and Norman (1996)


Jendad97.jpg (28101 bytes)  

  Jen&dad-tinas-wed.jpg (20740 bytes)      

Norman and Jennifer

Norman and Jennifer 
at Tina's Wedding


This next one has  a little father son togetherness  involved.. hehe.. Norman decided to take Matthew to the barber to get his first haircut and they both got 'crewcuts'.. let the pictures tell the rest.... lol

Dadholdsmatthew.jpg (27332 bytes)

crewcuts.jpg (53906 bytes)

Norman and Matthew
(before first haircut)

Father and son crewcuts
(after first haircut)


surprise.jpg (45651 bytes)

Mothers (Diane) reaction on seeing the new haircut!! 


Norman always loved to keep his kids close.  He held them, he told them he loved them all the time.  He was a natural Dad.


dad-kids.jpg (19542 bytes)    Dad, Matt, Samantha

mattondad.jpg (38035 bytes)
Dad and Matt

dadnmatt.jpg (28962 bytes)   
Dad and Matt

dadnmatt2.jpg (27610 bytes)
Dad and Matt

Nobraces.jpg (25378 bytes)   
Dad, Samantha and Jenny

Celldad.jpg (46789 bytes)
Dad and Matt

dad-jenkd.jpg (48659 bytes)   
Dad and Jenny

Kdjendad98.jpg (49107 bytes)
Dad and Jenny '98

dadmattswim.jpg (60701 bytes)
Dad and Matt K.D. '98

Kdpool98.jpg (30356 bytes)
Dad and Matt K.D. '98

dad-sammy2.jpg (39621 bytes)
Dad and Samantha

dad-sammy.jpg (44092 bytes)
Dad, Samantha

peekaboo.jpg (71994 bytes)
Dad and Matt in front yard

vacation98-6.jpg (34081 bytes)
Dad and Matt
Vacation '98

hanover99-2.jpg (61347 bytes)

Diane, Sammie, Matt, Norman
Hanover '99

hanover99.jpg (63962 bytes)
Dad and Jenny
Hanover '99

easterhunt99-2.jpg (51818 bytes)
Dad and Samantha
Easter '99

sharingtoy.jpg (62282 bytes)
In the backyard 
Jenny, Dad and Matt


Of them all, I think this has to be my favorite! As a computer person myself, looking around this background,  I see him comfortable.. (grin) and enjoying his children in his own environment! You can see by the smile on his face that he is happy here.


There were so many things they did as a family.  Even though Norman had a busy schedule as the producer of a television show, being a disc jockey and also other business ventures, he made a point of setting aside time for family. 

Friday nights were family night.  Often they had a special restaurant that they would go to, whether it be for just dinner or to celebrate a special occasion. 

38bd.jpg (49996 bytes)   
Normans 38th Birthday Celebration     

Fathersday99.jpg (52003 bytes)
Fathers Day 99

SCGETTIBOY.JPG (45394 bytes)

Or maybe just because it was there that Matthew could get his fill of his favorite food! :o)

Many more of the pictures of these times don't have Norman in them because he was behind the camera ... but he was always there.. There are just to many to show here..


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