Dedicated to my Daddy, Norman Tiller, Jr.

I Miss My Daddy

I walked outside at 3:43

because you had brought something to school for me.

I took my package and walked to my bus,

if I had only known that would be the last time for "us".

So many times that day runs through my head,

the day I was told my daddy was dead.

Its been almost 3 years and the pain will not ease.

Its like being trapped in a cage with thrown away keys.

I act like it didnít happen or that its ok.

I always say tomorrow will be the better day.

Down my face run many many tears

because no date is to proceed my daddy's birth year,

but it does and there is nothing to do about it now

but pray to god he was accepted above somehow.


Written by Jennifer Tiller
Copyright 2003

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